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TRANSNUBEL transports also explosives and infectious materials

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Our services: Equipment Services


The fuel loading, unloading and transfer operations need specific equipment.
TRANSNUBEL owns a wide range of accessories that are used during spent fuel transfers as well as during the casks maintenance operations (see accessories list).
We design and supply transport frames, handling equipment, tools for inspection and maintenance of transport and storage casks.
In particular, we develop and supply modular and mobile units suitable for use during the loading / unloading of transport and storage casks.

Beside the above mentioned handling equipment, our team also designs and supplies a large selection of packaging solutions suited for any kind of transport. More information about our packaging solutions is available at the Packaging section of this website.


'Photo available' icon = Photo available

  • Lifting and transport means (equalizers, frames)
  • Peripheral modules such as
    • Control modules See photo
    • Filtering modules See photo
  • Opening tools TN12-13-17-24 (design / production) See photo :
    • Filling / emptying + drying
    • Package cooling in flooding conditions
    • Opening / closure of the container plugs
  • Leak detectors:
    • by pressure drop or climb up
    • by Helium detection
      (® 3.10-10 mbar.l/s) See photo
  • Storage basket maintenance tools (TN17T, BG18)
  • Handling tools for filters cartridges
  • 'Turning over' tools for primary stopper
  • 'Bottom changing' systems (TN17T)
  • Decontamination rings + reduced size storage basket (TN17T)

Click on the magnifier icon under a photo to view a larger version of it = Click on the magnifier icon under a photo to view a larger version of it

Control modular system Filtering module

Control module

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Filtering module

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Opening tool Helium detector

Opening tool

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Helium detector

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