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TRANSNUBEL transports also explosives and infectious materials

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Our services: Technical Assistance Services
Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

TRANSNUBEL also offers Assistance for spent fuel transports at nuclear sites.

TRANSNUBEL organizes and performs services related to the loading / unloading of  casks with spent rods or fuel, from the drawing up of loading plans and operation procedures to the management of the transport documents requested by the Authorities, including on site services for loading and operations control.

TRANSNUBEL also supplies services for maintenance and repair of transport material, including radiation and contamination control, leaktight test, etc.

Leaktight test.

Leaktight test on the TN 24 cask coverLeaktight test on the TN 24 cask cover.


Fuel loading.

Aerial view during a "fuel loading" operation in a TN 17T cask by means of a bridgeAerial view during a "fuel loading" operation in a TN 17T cask.

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