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TRANSNUBEL transports also explosives and infectious materials

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  1. Check spelling
    Make sure the spelling of your search terms is correct.
  2. Use multiple words
    If you use more than a single word, you'll get more refined results.
    Example : our type A packagings
  3. Use similar words
    The more similar words you use, the more relevant results you will obtain.
    Example : security safety safe
  4. Use quotes
    Use quotes to look for words which must appear adjacent to each other.
    Example: Use "radioactive goods transport", otherwise search results will include the words radioactive, goods and the word transport, but not necessarily in this order. Those words may appear anywhere, in any order within the document.
  5. Use + to require and - to exclude words or phrases
    Use + when you want the search term or phrase appear in the search results. Use - to indicate unwanted term(s). A phrase must be contained within quotes. Leave no spaces between + or - and the term.
  6. Use wildcards *
    Use wildcards (use * as the wildcard character) to increase the number of matches for a request. Quotes to look for words which must appear adjacent to each other.
    Using RADIO* or radio* will return documents containing the words radioactive, radioactivity, etc and any other word starting with radio. If you search for *act* you'll find documents where activities, radioactives, reaction, and any other word that contains act anywhere in the word.
  7. Limit your search to the English section of this site
    The search engine looks for matches to your request within all sections of this website, i.e. also within pages in a language other than English. Therefore it could happen that pages in French, German, and/or Dutch are listed among the search results if they match your search query.
    To limit your query to pages in English, type +url:en after your search terms (leave a space between the last query term and +url:en).
    Example: transport +url:en will bring up only the relevant pages in English containing "transport".

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