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TRANSNUBEL transports also explosives and infectious materials

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Industrial packagings Packaging

Other Packagings

Beside type A and type B packagings, TRANSNUBEL also designs, supplies and has access to industrial packagings for radioactive material. Some of these are for example:

TNB 181A (IP2) | TNB 181B(*) | TNB 165 (IP2) | TNB 185 (IP)

= Possibility of obtaining a special arrangement.

TNB 181A (IP2)

TN 181 on the lorry

Type: IP2
Suited for: waste
Spent ion exchange resins, 400L drum
Photo: TNB 181A on lorry

TNB 181B (IP2, IP3)

TNB 181B

Type: industrial container IP2, IP3
Suited for: waste
transport of contaminated and/or irradiated material
  Special arrangements are possible
Photo: Aerial view of  TNB 181B

TNB 165 (IP2)

TNB 165

Type: IP2
Suited for: liquid waste
6850 liters tank intended for LSA 1 liquids transport
Photo: TNB 165 on lorry

TNB 185 (IP)

TNB 185

Type: IP
Suited for: liquid waste
17500 liters tank intended for LSA  liquids transport
Photo: TNB 185

For further information, please check also :

Concerning other Industrial Packagings not described in this page we suggest you to contact TRANSNUBEL by using the online form at the "Your Questions" page

For questions about our Packaging supplies and on how TRANSNUBEL can help you with a packaging issue please use the online form at the "Your Questions" page

Type A Packaging designed and supplied by TRANSNUBEL

Type B Packaging designed and supplied by TRANSNUBEL

..::Last updated: 24-03-04::..

Things you should know about Industrial Packaging (IP):

  • IP are basic containers used for materials having little activity per unit mass (Low Specific Activity) or surface contaminated objects, such as natural uranium ores, depleted uranium, hospital wastes, etc.
  • They are required to be tested for normal transport conditions (fall from vehicle, exposure to rain, stacking).
  • IPs are sub-divided in 3 categories: IP1, IP2 and IP3, depending on the contamination / activity level of the content.

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