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TRANSNUBEL transports also explosives and infectious materials

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TRANSNUBEL owns and has access to a large range of casks suited for the packaging of various radioactive materials such as:

  • Sealed or unsealed radioactive sources (used in medicine, industry, research and development)
  • Depleted, natural and enriched uranium
  • Plutonium
  • MOX fuel rods or MOX fuel bundles
  • Irradiated rods or bundles
  • Liquid and solid radioactive wastes from hospitals, laboratories, industries, nuclear and reprocessing power plants (low, medium and high activity).

We can offer type B and type A packagings as well as other packaging solutions.

Type B Packagings

Type B(U) and B(U)F packages can transport radioactive material whose activity does not exceed the limits specified in the certificate of approval concerning the package design. A type B(U) or B(U)F package is designed to avoid the leakage of its radioactive content or integrity loss in accident conditions of carriage.
TRANSNUBEL has various Type B packagings available.
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Type A Packagings

Type A packages are designed to withstand normal conditions of carriage (as well as some accident conditions of carriage) and can carry amounts of radioactive material involving a limited radiological risk.
TRANSNUBEL has a wide selection of  different  Type A packagings.
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Other Packagings

TRANSNUBEL also has different types of industrial packagings.
These are basic packagings for low specific activity or surface contaminated  objects, such as natural uranium ores or depleted uranium, worn protective clothing, samples, etc.
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