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TRANSNUBEL transports also explosives and infectious materials


Your Partner for Logistics and Transport of radioactive material and related activities

Message from our Director General, Mr. Xavier Bairiot

TRANSNUBEL : Your Partner for Logistics and Transport of radioactive material and related activities"Welcome to the TRANSNUBEL website, which, I hope, will prove to be a valuable resource in responding to your nuclear transports queries and presenting the wide range of services and equipment offered by our company.

TRANSNUBEL is the Belgian leader in transport of radioactive material. Our services encompass:

  • Transport of radioactive goods and related logistics;
  • Design and supply of equipment for transport, storage and maintenance of radioactive materials;
  • On-site technical assistances;
  • Expertise in packaging licensing;
  • Drafting of support documents
    (procedures, ALARA dossiers, safety analysis, ...).

We can also offer experience in transport of explosives and infectious material.

The certificates issued to TRANSNUBEL attest our commitment to working in accordance to a consistently applied system of quality standards and procedures, identifying us as a company that behaves responsibly in addressing environmental issues. They recognize the structured and safe organization of our activities, as well as the importance we attribute to accident prevention at work.

Should you have any questions concerning our Services and Packagings please contact us directly or use the online form. We will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

We look forward to offer you our services."

.: Xavier Bairiot,
.: Director General TRANSNUBEL

..::Last updated: 10-03-08::..


TRANSNUBEL n.v./s.a.
::Zandbergen 1
::B-2480 Dessel
::Tel  +32-014-331111
::Fax +32-014-331110

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