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TRANSNUBEL transports also explosives and infectious materials

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In order to ensure the transport of radioactive and fissile materials, Belgonucléaire founded TRANSNUBEL in 1969.

The company is located on the Belgoprocess site in Dessel, near Antwerp (Belgium). Detailed driving directions to the site can be found here.

TRANSNUBEL in short:


TRANSNUBEL is subdivided into 3 departments:

  • Transport department
  • Department for studies, supply and technical assistance
  • Safety, environment, quality assurance and security.




Transports of radioactive materials (ADR class 7)

TRANSNUBEL owns or has access to a wide range of casks suited for the packaging of radioactive materials such as:

  • TRANSNUBEL transports radioactive materials (ADR class 7)Sealed or unsealed radioactive sources (used in medicine, industry, research and development)
  • Depleted, natural and enriched uranium
  • Plutonium
  • MOX fuel rods or MOX bundles
  • Irradiated rods or bundles
  • Liquid and solid radioactive wastes from hospitals, laboratories, industries, nuclear and reprocessing power plants (low, medium and high activity).

Transports of explosives and infectious materials

TRANSNUBEL transports also explosives and infectious materialsBesides transports of radioactive materials (mentioned above), TRANSNUBEL takes also care of transports of other packed dangerous materials:

  • explosive materials and objects (ADR class 1), such as  ammunitions and fireworks;
  • substances liable to spontaneous combustion (ADR class 4.2) or substances which, when in contact with water, emit flammable gases (ADR class 4.3) such as, for example, sodium;
  • infectious materials (ADR class 6.2) such as, for example, brain samples from BSE-affected cows to be transported in dry ice;
  • corrosive materials (ADR class 8).


A large part of  TRANSNUBEL activities covers not only transports in Belgium, but also international transports in Europe and worldwide in collaboration with related companies.
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  • Vehicles and packagings
  • Qualified drivers and technicians for transport and on-site assistance
  • Engineers and draftmen for design, calculation, supply and consultancy in transport and packaging activities
  • If necessary, support of the engineering department of Belgonucléaire

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TRANSNUBEL is certified for:

  • Quality assurance management (ISO 9001)

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TRANSNUBEL' s experts keep in regular contact with National and International competent authorities in the nuclear transport field, with International Organizations (IAEA, IMO, ...) and with the European Commission.

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TRANSNUBEL n.v./s.a.
::Zandbergen 1
::B-2480 Dessel
::Tel  +32-014-331111
::Fax +32-014-331110
::BE 0406.950.632

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